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Nokia Lumia 822: Safety


Chapter 2


Switch off in Restricted Areas

Switch the device off when mobile phone use is
not allowed or when it may cause interference or
danger, for example, in aircraft, in hospitals or near
medical equipment, fuel, chemicals, or blasting
areas. Obey all instructions in restricted areas.

Road Safety Comes First

Obey all local laws. Always keep your hands free to
operate the vehicle while driving. Your first consid-
eration while driving should be road safety.


All wireless devices may be susceptible to interfer-
ence, which could affect performance.

Qualified Service

Only qualified personnel may install or repair this

Batteries, Chargers, and other


Keep your Device dry

Your device is not water-resistant. Keep it dry.

Glass Parts

The device screen is made of glass. This glass can
break if the device is dropped on a hard surface or
receives a substantial impact. If the glass breaks, do
not touch the glass parts of the device or attempt
to remove the broken glass from the device. Stop
using the device until the glass is replaced by quali-
fied service personnel.

Protect your Hearing

To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen
at high volume levels for long periods. Exercise cau-
tion when holding your device near your ear while
the speakerphone is in use.

Use only batteries, chargers, and other accessories
approved for use with this device. Do not connect
incompatible products.

Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous
or illegal. For further infor

mation, read the complete user guide.